Dr Odysseus Galanis

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Personal information

Full name: Odysseus Galanis
Date of birth: 1974/12/04
Place of birth: Thessaloniki, Greece
Nationality: Greek

Contact information

Telephone: +30 23109 9 1421, +30 6973058155
e-mail: ogalanis [at] geo [dot] auth [dot] gr
Skype: odysseus.galanis


2001/12 – 2010/06: PhD in Seismology, A.U.Th.

The title of my Doctoral Dissertation was "Contribution to the development and implementation of algorithms for earthquake location and seismic tomography" and my supervisor was C. Papazachos, Professor of Physics of Lithosphere, Seismology & Applied Geophysics with A.U.Th. I received the research grant "Heraclitus" from the Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training from 2002/11/8 to 2005/5/7.

1998/10 – 2000/12: MSc in Geophysics, School of Geology, A.U.Th.

The title of my Master's Thesis was "Probabilistic determination of the seismicity of the areas of Mexico, Central and South America with the Bayes method". My supervisor was Theodoros Tsapanos, Professor of Seismology with A.U.Th. I was awarded an MSc in Geophysics with grade 8.75/10 (ECTS: A, U.S.: A)

1992/10 – 1998/03: BSc in Geology, School of Geology, A.U.Th.

My grade was 7.12/10 (ECTS: B, U.S.: B). During March-May 1996 I visited the Hans Ramberg Tectonic Laboratory, Department of Geodynamics and Tectonics, Uppsala University, Sweden, under the Erasmus exchange program.

Professional experience

2000 - present day: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Seismological Station

2016-present day (Laboratory Teaching Staff) and 2006-2016 (Private Law Open-ended Contract Staff):

My main duties, apart from teaching, scientific-research work and administrative tasks, are: Configuration, maintenance and operation of systems for real-time data exchange between the seismological network of the Department of Geophysics of A.U.Th. and our domestic and international partners. Configuration, maintenance and operation of systems for real-time automatic earthquake location and earthquake magnitude estimation. Configuration, maintenance and operation of systems for automatic dissemination of SMS and e-mail messages with information on current seismicity to selected recipients. Participation in 12h analyst shifts and weekly duty seismologist shifts at the Seismological Station. This includes: Determination of earthquake locations and magnitudes, in cooperation with the Monthly Seismicity Bulletin team. Briefing the Authorities, the Press and citizens on seismicity, in the framework of the Hellenic Unified Seismological Network. Basic quality control of the seismological network and the data collection and processing systems. 24h stand-by and determination of earthquake locations and magnitudes in cases of occurrence of felt earthquakes during days and times not covered by the 12h shifts. Participation in guided tours of the Seismological Station for school and university students as well as other visitors, and in other public outreach activities for the Seismological Station, the School of Geology and A.U.Th.

2000-2006 (research associate):

As a research associate I participated in research projects, in assisting the teaching of exercises and laboratory courses for undergraduate students of the School of Geology and in the 12h and weekly shifts at the Seismological Station.

2012 - 2016: Orfeus Data Center, KNMI, De Bilt, the Netherlands

Seismologist - Developer:

I was responsible for the daily operations of the Data Center, such as the configuration, maintenance and operation of the data collection system, in cooperation with the member organizations of Orfeus (60 - 70 seismological networks at the time, mostly in Europe and the surrounding areas). I was also responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of web services for providing seismological data. I participated as a representative of the Orfeus Data Center in technical meetings with seismologists and developers from member organizations of Orfeus.


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