Tsokas Grigoris
Professor of Applied Geophysics


Telephone: (0030) 2310-998507
E-mail: gtsokas@geo.auth.gr

web page:http://geophysics.geo.auth.gr/~gtsokas

Curriculum Vitae

Born: 4 July 1956

Present position:
Professor of Exploration Geophysics since 12/2000
Geophysical Lab., School of Geology , Univ. of Thessaloniki

Former career:

Associate Professor of Exploration Geophysics 4/1997- 12/2000
Assistant Professor of Exploration Geophysics 11/1992- 4/1997
Lecturer of Exploration Geophysics 3/1989 - 11/1992
Geophysical Lab., Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Thessaloniki
Geophysical resident programmer,
Public Petroleum Corporation 8/1987 - 3/1989
Research assistant of the Geophysical Laboratory of the University
of Thessaloniki 1985-1987.
Geophysicist of the Geological Survey of Greece (I.G.M.E.) 1983-1984

Education :

B.Sc in Physics-University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1979
M.Sc in Geophysics-Leeds University, U.K , 1980
Ph.D. in Geophysics-University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1985


1988, Western Geophysical Company of America, Hounslow, London
1990 , Dept. of Electronics, Univ. of York, U.K.
1994 , Colorado School of Mines, U.S.A.

Short visits to foreign Geophysical Centers:

Institute of Minerals , Saint Petersburg , Russia , December 1992
CNRG, Garcy , France , April 1990, February 1992.
Institute fur Geophysicaliche Wissenschaften, Freie Universitat , Berlin , Three visits during 1992,1993.
Nara National Caltural Properties Research Institute, Nara-Shi , Japan , February 1996.
Consiglio nationale delle Ricerche. Istituto per la Technologie Applicate ai Beni Culturali, Roma. August 1998.


European Association of Exploration Geophysicists since 1983.
Hellenic Geophysical Union since 1983.
Hellenic Archaeometrical Union since 1985.
Society of Exploration Geophysicists since 1992.
Balkan Geophysical Society since 1992.

Field Experience:

Magnetic, Ground Penetrating Radar, resistivity and resistivity tomography surveys of the overall about 120 sites in Greece and abroad, including the archaeological sites of Dion,Verghina, Athens ,Europos, Peiraeus, Marathon , Vouthroto ( Albania ), etc.
T.E.M. experiments on the utility of the method for archaeological site search (Europos), boxite ore exploration in Central Greece .
Ground Penetrating Radar, resistivity and resistivity tomography surveys for karstik cavities in Akropotamos dam, Croussovitis dam , Nikopolis, Athens Metro, National highway etc.
Deep Electical Soundings and gravity surveys of Milos and Kimolos islands delta of Nestos (Geothermic exploration).
Mineral exploration employing Gravity and resistivity in Sithonias granodiorites and sulphides of Chalkidiki.
Structural and ground water surveys employing resistivity,refraction and V.L.F. in Archangelos (N.Greece), Pieria ,Allumina plant (in Boiotia), Kalymnos island.
Engineering Projects: Assessment of the Poisson ratio and near surface structure determination in Herakleion, Thebes and Lemessos. Karstik Cavity search at the construction of the motorway Athens-Thessaloniki. Assessment of near surface structure and detection of ancient wells in front of the TBM cutter head at the construction of the Athens Metro.

Languages :

Greek, English (Proficiency of Oxford University ).

Distinctions :

Invited paper to 'First Break' on Archaeological Geophysics (1986,N0 6)
Invited speaker of the Romanian Academy on Archaeological Geophysics (1988).
Invited Lecturer of the Institute of Thracology.Summer (1989).
Editor of the P.A.C.T 45 volume hosting the proceedings of the 2nd Southern European conference on Archaeometry. Delphi , 19-21,April, 1992.
Editor of the volume " Geophysical Exploration of Archaeological Sites ", Vieweg Verlag, (1993).
Associate Editor of the international journal " Archaeological Prospection" since 1994
Editor of the journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society since 1997
Editorial board of the international journal " Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry " since 2000.

Interpretation Experience:

Computer aided interpretations of various Geophysical data under different Geological settings.
Experience in various systems and trained in "Western Geophysical" seismic processing
and interpretation package (Hounslow, London ).