The Laboratory is conducting high level research and teaching on Exploration Geophysics. Also, it provides services applying Geophysical Prospecting methods for various purposes.   


The laboratory has a strong record in large basic research projects on the development of the geophysical prospecting methods. The main interests are in the field of the development and enhancement of inversion techniques for imaging the subsurface employing various kinds of geophysical data. Other interests include potential fields theory and practice, geophysical signal processing and interpretation, image processing and image fusion, construction of the archaeointensity curves for the Balkan peninsula, development of methods and instrumentation for swift data acquisition for archaeological prospection and crustal structure studies in the South-eastern Europe.


We have also conducted more than 400 surveys in Greece and abroad for various purposes. The large volume of these surveys aimed to provide clues in the framework of hydrogeological, enginnering and archaeological projects. Also, regional scale projects were undertaken for geothermal, mining and basin structure studies. The laboratory has compiled the aeromagnetic map of Macedonia and Thrace and also processed the gravity and magnetic data of Albania.