Exploration Geophysics Laboratory


Department of Geophysics

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


The Exploration Geophysics Laboratory was established in 2002 under the  Dep. of Geophysics of the School of Geology, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece. The Laboratory is responsible for 7 undergraduate and 9 postgraduate courses. The staff of the Department includes 5 academics, 2 technical and administrative members and more than 10  research students.


The members of the Laboratory have a long record of research and consulting activities, both at national and international level. The main research activities include Applied Geophysics on the Hydrogeological and Engineering Practice, Applied Geophysics on the Detection of Ore Deposits, Geophysical Prospecting for detecting and mapping concealed antiquities,  Potential Field data aquisition, processing and interpretation, arcaheomagnetism and inversion theory based development of processing and interpretation algorithms for geophysical data. 


More than 30% of the research funds of the Laboratory originate from competitive programmes of the European Commission. Members of the Lab. Have  participated in more than 15 EU research projects since 1987, while 5 European projects have been caried out by the Lab.  since its establishment in 2002.

The members of the Laboratory have been awarded several international distinctions including best yearly papers (1997) and best papers  in international conferences (two papers in 2007).



Prof. Gregorios N. Tsokas