Acting as Project Leader / coordinator  


1.        EPOS-ON : Horizon 2020-2027

2.        COREu: CO2 Routes in Europe : Horizon 2020-2027.

3.        HELPOS – Hellenic Plate Observing System, (MIS 5002697) which is implemented under the Action “Reinforcement of the Research and Innovation Infrastructure”, funded by the Operational Program "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" (NSRF 2014-2020) and co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund). [12/2017-12/2021]

4.        Safe-Schools: “Innovative monitoring and early warning system for the protection of schools and critical buildings against earthquake and other natural disasters” funded by the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020.

5.        Graduate Program III “Applied and Environmental Geology”, 2018-2023.

6.        Graduate Program II “Applied and Environmental Geology”, 2015-2022.

7.        Graduate Program I “Applied and Environmental Geology”, 2014-2018.

8.        SITE-CLASSIFICATION: Characterization of site conditions in Greece for realistic seismic ground motion simulations: pilot application in urban areas, THALES, co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and National Funds, 2012 – 2015.

9.        “On the Cephalonia 2014 earthquake sequence study”, funded by the Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization of Greece (2014-2018).

10.     Contribution of the Department of Geophysics (AUTH) to the operation of the Hellenic Seismological Network, Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization, 2012-2015.

11.     Specific Study of the 26 January 2014 earthquake in Cephalonia, funded by Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization, 2014 - 2015.

12.     Turkey-Greece cross border seismicity: velocity models, moment tensors, slip models, ShakeMaps based on knowledge transfer and a joint database repository; Bilateral Cooperation Greece – Turkey, General Secretariat of Research & Technology (GSRT), 2010-2013.

13.     Seminar “Monuments under seismic load”, funded by Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization, 2011.

14.     Common strategies in earthquake hazard assessment and seismological data exchange between Turkey and Greece, Bilateral Cooperation between Greece – Turkey; General Secretariat of Research & Technology (GSRT), 2006 – 30.09.2008 (co-Project Leader: P.M. Hatzidimitriou).

15.     Cross border cooperation between universities and educational institutes in the field of natural disasters and environmental education], INTERREG IIIA, GREECE – FYROM, 01/2006 – 30.6.2008.

16.     Contribution of advanced methods of Geosciences in seismic risk management with emphasis to the built environment of the North Aegean Sea Islands; General Secretariat of Research and Technology, GSRT, [PEP–NAEGEAN], 2006– 31.05.2008.

17.     Shake Maps for Strong Earthquakes in Greece, Bilateral Cooperation Greece – USA, GSRT, 2006 – 30.03.2008.

18.     Thematic Network “Management of natural risks using space technologies and GIS systems” GEOIMPACT, Funded by Research Committee, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2005 – 2007.

19.     SyNaRMa: Development of an Information System for Natural Risk Management in the Mediterranean (SyNaRMa), INTERREG III, STRAND B– ARCHIMED /INTEGRATED AND SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF CULTURAL AND NATURAL RESOURCES AND OF LANDSCAPES AND RISK MANAGEMENT/ co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and National Funds, Project Leader from the Department of Geophysics partnership, 2006 – 31.12.2007.

20.     Contribution of Seismology, Geology and Geophysics in the identification of active tectonic structures and to the simulation of expected ground motions at selected sites: emphasis in the area of Macedonia and Thrace, EPEAEK: Pythagoras II Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, (2005 – 31.12.2007).

21.     Estimation de l’aléa sismique en Grèce occidentale en utilisant des donnes sismologiques et géophysiques, GSRT, Bilatéral Coopération, France – Greece, 2005- 2007.

22.     Development of common methods to study source parameters for earthquakes in Greece and Slovenia and strong ground motion simulation in selected sites, GSRT, Bilateral Cooperation, Slovenia – Greece, 2005 - 2007.

23.     Development of methods for the rapid estimation of ground shaking from earthquakes in Greece for emergency response, GSRT, Bilateral Cooperation Greece – USA, 10/2003 – 12/2005.

24.     SEIS-IMPACT: A system to evaluate the seismic impact to the built environment of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Operational Program Competitiveness & Entrepreneurship EPAN I, 06/2003 – 11/2005.

25.     An integrated study of cross- boundary seismicity between Greece and Turkey, GSRT, Bilateral Cooperation Turkey – Greece, 03/2003 – 03/2005.

26.     Seismic Source studies in Greece with emphasis on the detailed study of the intermediate – depth earthquakes in the southern Aegean area, Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization, 11/2000 – 06/2004.

27.     Quantification of present day tectonics in Albania, GSRT, 2002 - 2003.

28.     Seismotectonic and Seismic Hazard Assessment in Albania, GSRT, 1998 – 2002.

29.     Engineering Seismology, General Secretariat of Research and Technology, GSRT, 1998.

30.     Detailed seismotectonic structure in the Aegean Sea and the surrounding lands based on the focal mechanisms of moderate size earthquakes, Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization, 1996-1999.

31.     Seismological research in the Aegean area with emphasis on seismic-source and propagation properties to define the seismic hazard in Greece, Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization), 1993-1995.

32.     Study of the isoseismals of Kalamata earthquakes, Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization, 1986.


Participation as Principal Investigator / Key Researcher


33.     EUROSEISRISK: Seismic Hazard Assessment, site Effects and Soil Structure Interaction Studies in an Instrumented Basin, funded by FP5-EESD - Programme for research, technological development and demonstration on "Energy, environment and sustainable development, 1998-2002”, EVG1-CT-2001-00040, 2002-2005.

34.     Testing and demonstration employment of an all-optical micro seismic sensor network in a seismic active area, EC-JRC, DG XIII, 1998-1999.

35.     EURO-SEISMOD Volvi-Thessaloniki: Development and experimental validation of advanced modelling techniques in Engineering Seismology, Earthquake Engineering, Commission of the European Communities, (ENV4- CT96-0255), 1996 – 1998.

36.     Active faulting and seismic hazard in Attiki (Hellas) (ENV4-CT 96-0277), 1996

37.     SEISFAULTGREECE: Active faulting and seismic hazard in Attica (Greece), (ENV4-CT96-0277), 1996

38.     Theoretical research in earthquake prediction and identification of zones of high seismic potential (EV5V-CT94-0443), 1995.

39.     AUTO - SEISMO - GEOTECH: An automated geotechnical project for the prevention - mitigation of seismic risk in the cities of high seismic activity in the framework of detailed microzonation studies, EPET II - Ministry of Development, 1995.

40.     Theoretical research in earthquake prediction and identification of zones of high seismic potential (EV5V-CT94-0443), 1995.

41.     Theoretical research in earthquake prediction and identification of zones of high seismic potential (EV5V-CT94-0443), 1995.

42.     Santorini Volcano Laboratory (EVSV-CT 93-028), EU, 1993-1995.

43.     Observation and modelling of heterogeneities in seismic sources and crustal structure for seismic hazard assessment around active faults in the Mediterranean region (EV5V-CT94-0513), EU, 1994.

44.     A rapid warning system for earthquakes in the eastern Mediterranean region (ENV4-CT96-0282), 1994

45.     EUROSEISTEST: Volvi - Thessaloniki, a European test site for Engineering Seismology, Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (EV5V-CT 93-0281), 1993

46.     High quality earthquake strong motion measurements for structural and seismic source studies (EPOC-CT 91-0042),1991

47.     Earthquake prediction studies in Greece and Italy (EPOC-CT91-0043), 1991.

48.     Seismotectonic study of Aegean territory and seismic hazard of the area (ST 2J-0353-CTT), 1987

49.     Seismotectonic and seismic hazard study of the southern Aegean area (ST 2J0121-2-GR(CD)), 1986.


50.     Participation of the Geophysical Laboratory of AUTH to the operation of the Hellenic Unified Seismologic Network, EPPO, 2009-2011.

51.     Network development of seismological and geodetic observations in the region of Ionian Islands, PEP Ionian Islands, 2006-2008.

52.     Geophysical prospection in the property of the Hellenic Red Cross (former public property ABK 409) at Mixaniona, Thessaloniki, 2008

53.     Seismic imaging beneath the Aegean - Anatolian Domain, 2007-2009. 

54.     Investigation of active seismotectonic features & seismic hazard of the southern part of Aegean-Peloponnesus plate in the area between Burdur and Mugla, SW Turkey, 2007-2008.

55.     Reconstruction of Undergraduate studies, Dept. of Geology, AUTh, Ã ÊÐÓ, ÅÐÅÁÅÊ ÉÉ, MIS:75100 -, 2003-2008

56.     Establishment of a peripheral (remote) seismologic station in the prefecture of Thessaloniki, 2006-2007

57.     Upgrade of the seismologic network of the geophysical laboratory, AUTh, 2005-2008.

58.     Installation of a portable digital seismograph Network-Continuous monitoring of seismicity and reporting to the region of central Macedonia-1st stage, 2001-2003

59.     Automatic location of earthquake epicentres in real time and processing of seismic signals, 1998.

60.     Study of the seismicity of the broader area of Florina (N. Greece) and seismic hazard assessment at the site of construction of the New Thermoelectric Station (Public Power Corporation), 1997.

61.     Seismicity and seismic hazard study in the area of Keramidi (Pieria - N. Greece), 1997.

62.     Seismicity and seismic hazard assessment related to the construction of the General Hospital of Serres, 1996 – 1998

63.     Seismicity study and seismic hazard assessment of the broader area of artificial lake Polifitou related to the construction of the Ilarionas Dam, 1996

64.     Seismological studies related to the seismicity of the Kozani - Grevena area, 1996.

65.     Development of the National Seismological Network, 1995.

66.     Geophysical prospecting along the construction of the New National Road near Katerini area (N. Greece), 1993.

67.     A multidisciplinary study of precursory phenomena in the eastern part of central Greece (Thessaly), European Center on Prevention and Forecasting Earthquakes, EU, 1992.

68.     Study of the seismicity and continuous reporting to the Ministry of Public Works on seismicity and seismic hazard subjects for the area of Greece, 1990.

69.     Seismic hazard study in the area of Hydroelectrical Station in Nestos (N. Greece), 1989.

70.     Dependence of the strong ground motion by seismic source properties and propagation of seismic waves in the area of Greece, 1988.

71.     Compilation of the seismic hazard map of Greece, 1987.

72.     Development of seismological networks - Interpretation of seismological data and seismicity and seismic hazard study in Kalamata (Peloponnese) area, 1987.

73.     Long-term earthquake prediction by seismicity methods, 1985.