Preliminary Hypocenter

Date: 19 NOV 2018
GMT Time:13:05:56.1
Location:37.179N 20.580E- South IONIAN sea - W. GREECE
Depth: 6.10

Location Maps


KRI1 P 13:06:06.0
KRI1 S 13:06:13.2
LTHK P 13:06:06.7
LTHK S 13:06:15.0
RTZL P 13:06:12.7
RTZL S 13:06:27.1
PSDA P 13:06:13.7
PSDA S 13:06:27.9
PYL P 13:06:14.1
LXR1 P 13:06:15.0
LXR1 S 13:06:30.4
DMLN P 13:06:16.2
DMLN S 13:06:31.8
ITM P 13:06:16.1
ITM S 13:06:32.2
RLS P 13:06:16.2
RLS S 13:06:32.9
DRO P 13:06:17.5
DRO S 13:06:35.9
VSK1 P 13:06:18.4
VSK1 S 13:06:36.7
FSK P 13:06:19.3
FSK S 13:06:36.9
AST1 P 13:06:21.8
EVGI P 13:06:22.5
EVGI S 13:06:41.4
UPR P 13:06:22.9
DRAG P 13:06:23.2
KLV P 13:06:23.6
NYDR P 13:06:23.6
GUR P 13:06:25.0
EFP P 13:06:25.5



C Data from AUTH - Aristotle University Thessaloniki Network (HT) & cooperating Greek networks:
C -NOA - National Observatory of Athens, Institute of Geodynamics (HL)
C -UOA - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Seismological Laboratory (HA)
C -UOP - University of Patras, Seismological Laboratory (HP)
C - Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete (HC)
C - ITSAK - Institute of Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (HI)
C Usage of data from:
C GFZ Potsdam (GE), IGBAS Sofia (BS), Albanian network (AC)
C SORM Skopje (MA), Kandilli Observatory Istanbul (KO)
C is also acknowledged
C Analysis made by: I. FIKOS