History of the Department of Geophysics

The Department of Geophysics constitutes one of the five departments of the School of Geology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It was the first Geophysical Institute to be established in Greece outside the capital of Athens.

Since 1983 the Department of Geophysics rapidly increased its human and instrumental resources. Faculty and staff members continuously contribute to the education of the undergraduate and graduate students. The corner stone of this education is the high quality research conducted within the Department in order to tackle problems related to the Seismology, the Physics of the Earth's Interior and Applied Geophysics. The Broad Band Seismological Network operated and maintained by the Dept of Geophysics and the information provided to the authorities and the public, regarding the evolution of the seismic activity in Greece, is another strong component.

Important Dates




The Laboratory of Geophysics and Seismology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was established together with the Chair of Geophysics. First director of the Laboratory was Prof. B.C. Papazachos


The Seismological Station of A.U.Th. was founded, which belongs to the Department of Geophysics. Administrative responsible for the Seismological Station is the Director of the Department of Geophysics


The Department of Geophysics and Geotectonics was established and the Laboratory of Geophysics was founded. First director of the Department was Prof. B.C. Papazachos


The name of the Department changes to Department of Geophysics   


The Laboratory of Applied Geophysics was founded. It is  the second Laboratory of the Department. First director of the Laboratory was Prof. D. Kontopoulou